Thursday, 27 November 2014

Your head will turn 360° seeing this

Mashable partnered with Hewlett Packard for experimenting the latest Vine feature and asked users to capture videos or motion graphics with a 360° point of view.

We have listed below some Vines that are definitely going to make your head go around!

Friday, 14 November 2014

Tips When Buying Twitter Followers

Those people who have been in the Twitter world will surely know how hard it is for them to get a single user to follow, well, except for those celebrities who get millions. In case one falls under those people who are not famous, then he should exert a lot of effort on getting people to follow him. An individual who uses Twitter for fun and entertainment might not see the value of followers but for those people who will use the social networking service to earn money will definitely do. This is why there arecompanies found on the internet to give what just any Twitter user will need, bunch of followers. So how do people do it? How do online businesses generate thousands of followers? If they didn’t earn it the natural way, then it is most likely that they buy targeted twitter followers.This is the most effective way of getting real people to follow one’s account and having the chances of interacting with them. It would be better if one got to communicate with the followers because this means that the user is building trust and this trust means that those followers will think twice before hitting that unfollow button.

Promoting your Business with More Twitter Followers

Twitter has become a powerful internet marketing tool despite its limitations in terms of platform. The ease of use, the number of users, and the creativity of people’s minds have made Twitter a very popular social media tool. As a business entity, you do not want to miss out on the opportunity Twitter is providing for marketing and advertising. In this platform, it does not matter if you are a small, medium, or a big company. Every entity has an equal chance to have its fair share of Twitter potential market. The most effective way to get a Twitter campaign going is to make it as interactive as possible. In the Twitter marketing campaign, make sure that each follower or customer has a role to play.

The bigger their role to the event, the more they would want to join the event. The result would be a massive following, increased sales, and a great product branding. So, in this kind of scenario, it is also imperative to buy real twitter followers for good. They will help you to promote every product and service that you have. They can do anything for you to be able to achieve your goals for your business. The tricky part about having interactive campaigns is that you have to make sure that the task would not be complicated for the followers. No matter how great the end results are, if it is going to be hard to do, then people might get turned off and forget about it. Always make it simple and enticing.